Thursday, 9 October 2014

My favourite Veggie Burgers

I discovered this veggie burger recipe awhile ago when I wanted to start cooking more with lentils.  It is AMAZING! I won't share the recipe here since I found it at Veggie Num Num's website. You can look at the recipe by following this link.

The reason I wanted to share this recipe is because it is so delicious.  When I cook it I use green lentils and they cook up to look brown and have a similar texture to a beef patty.  This means even the most devoted carnivore is likely to be satisfied.  I highly recommend making burgers with cheese, salad, beetroot and sauces (we use mayonnaise and tomato sauce).

It is quite simple to cook but I have had some trouble getting the consistency right.  I wasn't draining the lentils enough (or remembering to fish out the garlic after they cooked) and so it initially took me forever to get the consistency right.  I had to add cups of plain flour, rather than the 1-2 tablespoons as instructed, or it would be really sloppy.

Having said that I always end up adding more flour than that (this time I added 4 tablespoons and that's the least I've ever added).  My tip would be that if the lentils aren't sticking together add more flour until you see the egg and flour mix become a whitish paste.  Obviously don't go too crazy though or it will taste floury.  Add the flour in small amounts.

I love the texture that the fresh bread (I just tear it into little pieces) gives the burgers too. My 11 month old girl (aka "turtle") loved them.  She loves her meat so its nice to have a healthy vegetarian option to mix things up a little.  We have just started to get tomatoes and lettuce in our weekly seasonal organic veggie box so this feels like a fun meal change as summer approaches.

Are you enjoying some new dishes too as the weather heats up?

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