About Lizzing Lightly

Thank you for showing interest in Lizzing Lightly.  Join me as I share my environmental adventures as a modern lady who lives in a small (by Perth standards anyway!) two bedroom, one bathroom house with my husband, baby girl and three fur babies - two Jack Russell Terriors and an elderly tabby cat.  Fortunately we have a medium sized garden for the pets to get out and let off some steam and for us to spend copious hours designing, planting, weeding and mulching.

I studied the environment at the University of Adelaide through an Arts and Science degree (I couldn't make up my mind so generalised) and have worked professionally in various environmental roles since moving to Perth with my then boyfriend (now husband) in 2008.  My current job focuses on "sustainability" and encouraging people to try to consider the environment in their day to day lives.  I've been doing this type of work since 2010 and through it have learnt a lot about reducing my own environmental impact at home.

I hope you find some of my stories helpful if you are trying to consider the environment in your daily life.  You might find some of my blogs drift off into other topics that I find interesting but might not relate specifically to the environment... Please feel free to share you own experiences in response since I love to keep learning and find networking and sharing is the best way to discover new ideas.

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