Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A crafty start to Christmas is the way to go

It's official! The tree is up and the buzz of calls asking what to get for Turtle has started. I am feeling surprisingly calm and, unbelievably, festive!

Our quirky Christmas tree
A colleague sent me a link to this blog a few weeks ago and it prompted some action that has made me feel much more at ease with the start of the silly season. I decided to scavenge a branch from somewhere and create our own version of a gift tree.

It also motivated me to email my family and suggest some gifts that would be meaningful and appreciated. Since Turtle is becoming quite aware that the family is so far away photographs are an important way to stay close, no matter how busy we all are and how big the time difference is. I have suggested that the family send some recent pictures accompanied by a little story about what was happening when it was taken. I have been meaning to print some off myself for months and never get around to it.

Otherwise, we have requested that they send a promise or pledge to do something nice with her throughout the year. I am about to start making some of my own to add to our gorgeous tree (pictured above). I have seen so many lovely Christmas tree ideas this year that are quite artistic and original. Here is a link to a few that are quirky and gorgeous.

I also suggested that if anyone preferred to buy a gift then to make it small and preferably secondhand or fair trade so that it would be giving back to the community and generally be less wasteful.

The mixture of lovely crafty ideas that have been happening, along with a proactive approach to asking what we would like, seems to have made Christmas feel less daunting this year. 

I am also feeling much more prepared to meet the relatives halfway and let them buy something new, as long as it is something that Turtle needs. They deserve to be able to give something just as much as I deserve to be able to reduce the wastefulness of what we receive.

I hope this calm, happy and balanced feeling will stay with me as the month continues... We will see! I will be sure to report back and let you know.

How has your Christmas season started? Are you feeling annoyed and jealous after reading this blog because it been a stressful? Or are you also feeling surprised that you've also managed to start things off on a good note? I sincerely hope it is the latter.

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