Plastic Free

Since I've gotten so much out of participating in Plastic Free July this year I wanted to create a dedicated page with all of the blogs I've written on this topic...

Hopefully you will find some good ideas and inspiration to help you to reduce the plastic in your life.

We live in a time where we are surrounded by plastic. Not only is that a significant lifestyle change and potential health threat to humans but it also has huge impacts on our environment and all of the creatures in it.

It is hard to imagine life without plastic but I think it is definitely worth making an effort to reduce what we use and throw away - here is my families journey in its attempt to do this:

1. Plastic Free July in our house 2015 - planning what we will do

2. Why Plastic Free July is important

3. Beetroot and chickpea dip recipe - no packaging required

4. Plastic free bread

5. Reusable takeaway coffee cup

6. Asking daycare to use cloth nappies

7. The humble soap

8. Wrapping up Plastic Free July 2015

9. How to use less cling wrap

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