Tuesday, 22 September 2015

A Busy Start to Spring

It is a sign of how quickly the last month has passed that I started to write this post as a prelude to the arrival of spring, celebrating the purple flowers in our garden from the native wisteria (hardenbergia), the rosemary and the french lavender.

Native wisteria (Hardenbergia violacea) vine
I took the above photo a few weeks ago because I thought the gorgeous display of flowers would quickly be gone. It is, however, still flourishing now. As you can see the hardenbergia has done a wonderful job of covering our side fence. It was grown from 4 tube stock that cost about $2.50 each. Within a year 3-4m of fence was reasonably covered. Now it is a stunning mass of green vegetation that looks amazing with the purple flowers out too.

Photographing the rest of the plants was slowed, unfortunately, by the flourish of weeds that accompanied the purple display of flowers. I was not keen to share the weeds with you. 

We have managed to get out into the garden and tackle the weeds, as well as freshen up things, as spring has arrived.

This has been quite an achievement given that I started back at work 2 days a week a month ago and Mr Fix It was away for 10 days, returning last week. Hence the lack of recent blogging action.

I am looking forward to sharing some of the work we have been getting done in the garden with you. 

I hope your start to spring has been productive and joyful. It is so nice to have warm sunshine on my face again.

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